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Post by Bela Talbot on Wed Mar 13, 2013 1:42 am


To become a Game Maker you must send an application to one of the Admins. We will then confer with each other and decide if and when you will become a GM. If approved your GM status will only be instated after the current game (or game in front of yours) has ended. There may be a long list of GMs ahead of you. So, keep in mind that it may (or may not) take a while for you to begin your game.

In addition, you should remember that to be accepted you must have the game outlined out beforehand. If you're just "winging it" as you go, then you are not likely to be accepted as a GM.

As a GM you will have full moderation powers in the "Rabbit Doubt Gameroom", but nowhere else. You are only allowed to post the intro/game threads in the Gameroom. In addition, if you show any sign of abuse of power in the Gameroom Forum, you will be resigned and am Admin/Moderator will resume GM over your game. You will be given a 3-day ban. After your game has ended, your GM-Status will be retired until you host a new game.

Co-GMing is allowed, but neither GM may play in the game.

Game Name:
Version: (1-4)
Theme: (You don't have to put the whole synopsis here, just a basic/simple description will suffice)
Availability: (How often will you be able to write posts?)

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